Lab Jack Russell Mix

There are a lot of reasons to love Jack Russell mix dogs. These dogs are very friendly to humans and they have a good heart. Jack Russell dogs also have a huge set of skills and they also have an ability to learn new skills. This will be very easy for everyone to train Lab Jack Russell Mix dog. Let’s have brief information about the lab jack Russell mix dogs.

Lab Jack Russell mix dogs are basically a cross breed of jack Russell terrier and labrador retrievers. Their size depends on the breed, they can be tall or small size pets. They are also called Jackador.


Overview of Lab Jack Russell mix

These are very good at having high energy. Lab Jack Russell mixes are best for active pet owners because they need your attention.

Jackador is a very healthy dog. They don’t need very expensive grooming. But they also need a lot of exercise. This dog is also very good at recovering from the disease.

Lab Jack Russell mixed dogs come in short or medium sizes. These dogs can be seen in black, white, brown, or in mixed colors. These dogs are very good at tracking or hunting.

lab jack russell mix health
lab jack Russell mix health

As we already discussed that these dogs are fully energetic and need a lot of exercise. So that’s why busy people can’t take care of this dog. If you have much time for your dog then you should consider buying this dog.

The appearance of Lab Jack Russell Mix

The appearance table of Jackador is given below.

Height15 to 20 Inches
Weight22 to 50 Pounds
Lifespan10 to 15 Years
Breed GroupMixed
Coat TypeDouble
Coat LengthShort
Coat ColorWhite, brown, black, cream

Lab Jack Russell mixes are mostly called Jackadors. This breed is created by combining two popular and energetic breeds. They are also called Lab Jacks.


How to care for a Lab Jack Russell mix dog

This mixed breed of Labrador and jack Russell terrier mix dog is very energetic. And that’s why they need a lot of exercise and attention from the owner.

Here are some of the main things that you need to do to take care of your Jackador.

Exercise Requirements

The parent breeds of this dog (Labrador and jack Russell terrier) are working and very energetic dogs. That’s why this dog also needs good exercise.

If you take your dog on the walk from one hour to two hours then this will be a very good exercise for Jacakdor. But if you can give more walks then it will be more beneficial for the health of your dog.

lab jack Russell mix exercise
lab jack Russell mix exercise

You need to make a good timetable for their feeding. It’s important to take care of their feeding plans and not overfeed them. That’s why you always need to keep an eye on their feeding.

Make the plans for their playtimes. These types of dogs love to run and play more. Moreover, playing with Jackador will help them to be healthy.

Health Problems

If you’re considering adopting this dog then here are the most common health problems that you should be aware of them. This dog is a mix of two breeds that are Jack Russell Terrier and Labrador.

  • Retina Issues
  • Cancer Problems
  • Allergies
  • Joint issues in shoulders, elbows, and hips
  • Thyroid Problems

How to train a Lab Jack Russell mix dog

You need to work continuously on the training of your dog. It will be very good for you and your dog to start their training as much earlier as you can. Both parent breeds of this dog are very energetic and easy to train. But one of them is very independent and a little bit hard to train.

jackador training
jackador training

Here are steps you can follow to train your Jackador.

Start Training Early

It is very important to start the training of your lab jack Russell as early as you can. I also recommend you start training your dog from the day you bring him home.

positive reinforcement

The lab jack Russell wants more attention from the owners. But you also need to give him more attention when he starts behaving properly. And you also need to ignore your dog when he doesn’t behave properly. And you should be careful of punishing your dog.


Keep training your dog daily but try not to confuse your dog. If you tried to teach something to your dog and the next you punished your dog for doing the same thing. If you do something like this your dog will be confused about what you teach him.

Early Socializing

Socialize your lab jack Russell mix as early as you can. Socializing your dog will help your dog to behave well. And it will also help you to train your dog fast. To socialize your dog take him out of the home for example dog parks etc.

Teach Good Manners

Manners are the most important thing for training a dog. Teach good manners to your dog while you’re training your dog. Because, when your dog grows up it will be very hard for you to teach him good manners.

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