Full Stack Javascript Developer Roadmap

If we will talk about starting an online business even though this is a small business or a big company. The JavaScript programming language comes first. Because JavaScript is one of the most popular and powerful programming languages. We can use this language for web development. Moreover, we can use this language for server-side development. And the other great thing is that this is an easy and open-source language. Another one of the best benefits of this language is that a lot of free libraries are available for different tasks. So we can use them easily. This article is gonna be very special for those people who want to become successful JavaScript developers. In this entire article, we are going to tell you the best full-stack javascript developer roadmap.

One more thing about the JavaScript that I want to talk about is the world’s biggest companies are using JavaScript. So we can get an idea of how much power is in JavaScript. The world’s biggest companies like Amazon, Youtube, Google, and Facebook are using Javascript. Before we dive into the full stack javascript developer roadmap, we want to talk about the benefits of being a JavaScript Developer.


Benefits of Being a JavaScript Developer

Some of the most powerful benefits of being a javascript developer are listed below:

  1. Javascript is a popular and powerful programming language. That’s why a lot of companies are using this technology for their business. So the benefit is that there are a lot of job opportunities are available for every JavaScript developer. That’s why you can easily get your job. Or if you want to start your own business such as you want to open your own Software house. So there is a lot of demand for this language.
  2. The second best benefit of being a JavaScript developer is that you have job opportunities from all around the world. If you are a JavaScript developer that does not mean you are just making the website. You can also move to the gaming industry with this skill.
  3. As we have already discussed that there is a lot of demand for JavaScript developers from all around the world. The salary of a JavaScript developer is high too as the demand. So you can make an awesome amount of money with this skill.
  4. JavaScript is a big programming language and is used for a lot of purposes. That mean’s you are not gonna just build the website. So this is the best thing for every JavaScript developer. If you will work in different fields of JavaScript your critical thinking will improve.
  5. If you’ve chosen this skill for your future. So you do not must need to go to the office and work. You can also work from home according to your timetable.

Full Stack JavaScript Developer Roadmap

If you have started learning the skill for the first time and you are worried about the topics that you need to cover and where from you can learn all of this stuff. You do not have to worry about that because we have covered everything in this blog. Most of the students are confused at this stage. But you are one of the most brilliant students of stikcry.com so you no need to worry about that. Because we have discussed everything below. Just keep patience and dive into the article.

Below are the topics explained one by one. You need to learn Javascript by following this roadmap step by step.


Basic Fundamentals and Asynchronous Concept

If you are new to programming languages and have no idea about any concepts of programming language. So you just need to get started from the fundamentals of JavaScript or every language you are learning. If you study the fundamentals of the programming language you will get the main concepts of this language. If you will learn the fundamentals of the programming language. You can know about the basics things of the programing language that you’re learning.

In this stage, you learn about the Javascript variable such as Let, var, const, etc. After that, you can learn If else Statements, Functions, Loops, strings, Data Types, arrays, and objects. You should need to know about ES5 and ES6. You can also learn about how to manipulate the DOM. In short, you can research all the basic things of javascript events function handling, etc. Before learning javascript you can also learn something about the front-end. You can also follow our guide on how you can become a front-end developer.

The Lexical Structure of JavaScript

Basically, the Lexical structure of the programing language contains information like how you need to write the code. What are the right ways to write the code and what is the programming syntax of the programming language? All the important things you need to learn in the lexical structure of Javascript are listed below. You can learn about the step-by-step.

  • Unicode
  • Semicolons
  • White Space
  • Case Sensitive
  • Comments
  • Literals and Identifiers
  • Reserved Words

You can just copy and paste the item from the list and search about them. Read the brief information about them and keep in mind. Even you can note down all of these things. You need to memorize these things. Because these are the basic things of every programming language these things can use in every program.

JavaScript Expresions

Javascript expressions are code snippets that can evaluate the value. The statement is the code snippet that performs an action is also called the statement.

  • Arithmetic Expressions
  • String Expressions
  • Primary Expressions
  • Array and Object Initializer
  • Left-Hand side Expressions
  • Property Access Expressions
  • Object Creation
  • Function Definition Expressions
  • Invocation Expressions

JavaScript Types

JavaScripts types are important things, you need to learn them carefully. These javascript types can be used for different purposes. And the other great thing is that mostly javascript types are the same as other programming languages. If you want to move into other programming languages in the future so you need to keep in mind them. The most Important Javascripts are listed below.

  • Primitive Types
  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Template Literals
  • Booleans
  • Null
  • Undefined
  • Object Types

JavaScript Variables

Javascript variables are the most important thing to understand. Variables are used to store the data. For example, in a variable, you can store any data types that we have discussed above. The main variable concept is almost the same in all programming languages. But syntax and method of using variables are different in every programing language. The most important types of variables are listed below.

  • Var
  • Let
  • Const

Arithmetic Operators

Arithmetic operators are the signs to do the mathematical operations in the program. They are used to do the calculation work in our program. For example, if we want to do Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, or division we need to use arithmetic operations. Moreover, the signs that are used to perform the mathematical operations are called arithmetic operators. All the arithmetic operators are listed below.

  • Addition (+)
  • Subtraction (-)
  • Devision (/)
  • Remainder (%)
  • Multiplication (*)
  • Exponentiation (**)
  • Increament (++)
  • Decrement (–)
  • Unary Negation (-)
  • Unary Plus (+)

JavaScript Functions

JavaScript functions are the main thing of our javascript programming. Both are the main things of javascript function are listed.

  • Syntax
  • Parameters
  • Return Values
  • Nested Functions
  • Object Methods
  • (this) in Arrow Function
  • IIFE, Immediately Invocated Function Expressions
  • Function Hoisting

Javascript Loops

JavaScript loops is another interesting topic of your javascript programming journey. Basically, loops are used to do any work repeatedly. Moreover, all the types of loops in javascript are listed below. You can just search about them and memorize them.

  • for
  • forEach
  • do…while
  • while
  • for…in
  • for…of
  • for…in VS for…of

JavaScript Template Lterals

  • Multiline Strings
  • Interpolation
  • Template Tags


  • The JavaScript Event Loop
  • JavaScript Events

Asynchronous Programming

  • Asynchronous Programming and callbacks
  • JavaScript Timers
  • JavaScript Promises
  • Async and Await

Advance Topics Of JavaScript Programming

These are some of the important and advanced topics of javascript programming.

  • JavaScript Functional Programming
  • Efficiently Load JavaScript with Defer and Async
  • CORS
  • JavaScript Closures
  • JavaScript Regular Expressions
  • Unicode in JavaScript

Data Structures

  • The JavaScript Map Data Structure
  • The JavaScript Set Data Structure

Where to learn JavaScript Programming?

This most asked question by the students, where to learn Javascript programming? But this is not a difficult thing. There are a lot of video tutorials are available for javascript teaching. You can just about the topics we have listed in this post and want the tutorial. Moreover, if you want to learn all of this stuff by reading the articles. You can manually search about every topic step by step as is explained in this blog post.


JavaScript is the most popular and powerful language. And this language is used by the biggest companies such as Google. And the other beautiful thing about this language is that it is a high-demand language. So you do not need to worry about job opportunities. This programming language is a high-paying language. Every Javascript Developer can earn up to $12,000 per month in the USA. If you are serious about this skill don’t hesitate to start learning. You can also follow this full-stack JavaScript developer roadmap to be the expert of JS.

If you have any questions about programming you can contact us via our official contact form we will reply to you ASAP. And the last thing is that I want to mention is if want to get notification of our new articles you can subscribe to us. Thanks!


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