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About Us

Since Stickry was launched in 2021, we have made it our mission to simplify complex financial information and decisions for our readers.


You can read a lot of financial content at in free. We have the best financial advisors for you. You can get informative financial articles on this website.


Also you can read informative articles about crypto trading coins like "Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dodge". And also you can learn about crypto mining and trading.

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We have our accounting advisors for you. You can learn about accounting at You can Summarize, Analyze, with the of our free instructions.

Who We Are

Stickry Was Found in 2021 By Jabbar Sipra. The Purpose of Stickry Is Only to Deliver Right Information Towards Whole Community And Subscribers Of Stickry. You access a lot financial content in free at this blog website. Our mission is just to teach about finance, accounting, crypto trading and some other related categories about financial problems. Our unique content is available in free for all of our audience.

About CEO

Jabbar Sipra Is the CEO of He Completed Is Graduation in BSAI from The Islamia University of Bahawalpur. He is Also A full-stack developer, financial advisor, crypto trader, and also blogger. His Motive is to Share His Knowledge and Experience with Those Peoples Who are new in this field and need an instructor. He has started his web development career in 2018 at PASCO software company, but now he has its own software engineering company.

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